Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Rescued Pet of the Month - December

"This is my little (actually, not so little - he's a fatty!) man, Spider. He is about six years old, and a HUGE momma's little lover boy. He does not know a stranger, and he can never get enough love.

Spider was thrown into a street tied up in a plastic bag with his brother. A friend of mine's father got them out of the street, and then me and my friend each rescued one of the kittens. Spider's brother, Claire, still lives with that friend. Both babies were not old enough to leave their mothers yet, when we took them home. Spider was hideously ugly. He was bug-eyed, bald, scrawny, and had these extremely tattered (and huge) ears. I had to give him wet food and formula for the first week that I had him, and that wet food was the reason that he was going bald - apparently he needed the top of his head to eat! I took him home because my friend's father informed us that if we did not take the kittens, he was going to take them to the pound. I knew that no one would adopt such an ugly little kitten, so I agreed to keep him. I thank God every day that I made that decision, because I truly believe that he is one of my (friend) soulmates.

Spider eats plastic and vapor rub. He will literally attack you for either one of these things. He also LOVES green olives and tomatoes. He sleeps in the crook of my arm or across my neck. He LOVES the kittens in the house and, actually, the only time that he ever fights with any of the older cats is when he is protecting the kittens.

Spider is my favorite, even though I know that I should not have a favorite."


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Keith said...

Hi there fellow carers, I love your blog and will link mine to it in a "hands across the sea" gesture. Keep up your good work!

From Keith at www.ecocitizengreen.blogspot.com