Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New "Dedication" section has been added!

The new "Dedication" section for the "Health Care Crisis" section of the site has now been added. This section of the site is dedicated to Corie Duckett, who was murdered in 2005 by another dancer. Corie went to the strip club because her TennCare had been taken away due to the fact that her epilepsy was classified as "controllable." Corie's medication alone was six hundred dollars a month, and she could not hold down a regular job because of her illness. Her last resort would ultimately lead to her death.


Pria said...

Love your work and dedication. Great job!

--Priya from http://365daysveg.wordpress.com

Vaishali said...

Faith, Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Sure we can do a link exchange. I will add your link to my blogroll and you can do the same.
I don't mind it if you put up my recipes either, so long as you give credit. I can't quite visualize it, though, so it might help if you gave me some examples. Thanks.

Vaishali said...

Ok, sure, you can add the recipes. Let me know if you'd like me to pick and how many. Thanks.