Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Pet of the Month - February

"I got Buster from a box of kittens in front of my local Wal-Mart. He wasn't quite old enough to leave this mother yet, and he had fleas so bad that he was anemic. He spent the first two weeks of his life with me in the front pocket of my mother's pull-over hoodie. This in itself is not very remarkable, but how I got to save him later was.

Buster liked to spend a lot of time outside, which was not a problem with me since we lived in a cove. Unfortunately, he ended up in a situation like many outdoor animals - he was hit by a car. Luckily, he lived. He knew I would not be up for work for a few more hours and was smart enough to go to the neighbor's front porch b-- he knew the neighbor leaving for work shortly.
My neighbor found him on his front porch and brought him to me. I immediately rushed him to the vet. Buster had surgery to remove one leg, and now he is a very spoiled indoor tripod kitty.

Buster likes to let you know when he's approaching you for lovins with a loud "MROOOOW OOOOW OOOW!!!" I call it his siren. He also uses his siren when you are not feeding him quick enough for his liking. Buster is my little man, and I am thankful every day that he survived the accident."

~~ Gigi

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